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5.0 Excellent

Hello Divorce checks all the boxes. Lowest cost, great user experience, flexible options, and access to a la carte legal and financial advice. The only drawback is they're only available in CA, CO, UT, and TX. If you're getting a divorce in one of those states, Hello Divorce is our top pick. If not, check out our review of who we recommend instead here.

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Sometimes marriage works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

When it doesn’t work, most couples look for the cheapest and fastest way out.

Sure, you can hire an attorney to help you battle your ex through the court systems – but you better bring your wallet and you better be prepared.

Or, you can do it your wayconvenient and cheap.

If you’re located in California, Colorado, Texas, or Utah, then you’re in luck!

Hello Divorce makes it both convenient and cheap.

They want to lead you from divorce, into the next chapter of your life.

In this in-depth Hello Divorce review, you’ll learn exactly what you need to know about their online divorce service. Let’s jump in.

Pro Tip: If you’re located in another state, then you’ll want to read our review on 3StepDivorce, the #1 option for DIY divorce across the country. Or get started with 3StepDivorce for only $84 now
Table of Contents:
  1. How Hello Divorce Works
  2. How Much Does Hello Divorce Cost?
  3. Hello Divorce Reviews
  4. Pros and Cons of Hello Divorce
  5. Who Should Use Hello Divorce?
  6. Hello Divorce FAQs
  7. Final Thoughts

How Hello Divorce Works

Hello Divorce was founded by Erin Levine, a Certified Family Law Specialist with over 18 years of hands-on experience.

Hello Divorce promises an easy and streamlined approach to settling your uncontested divorce and making sure you have options no matter how complex your case may be. Their customizable options help streamline your situation no matter where you are in the divorce process.

will hello divorce work for me

Immediately upon sign-up, members are given free access to a trove of resources and worksheets that answer many of the initial questions a divorcing couple might have.

If you are still lost, Hello Divorce offers a free 15-minute strategy session where you can discuss your goals, questions and concerns. From there, you can choose which level of assistance you need.

hello divorce process

Then – it’s just a matter of putting your planning into action.

For a flat fee (or monthly installment payments), members receive access to self-help software and top-notch legal assistance.

One of Hello Divorce’s key tools is The Divorce Navigator.

It is the only DIY web application that allows users to navigate the entire divorce process from start to finish.

Even better, The Divorce Navigator is broken down into 3 easy steps that lets you go at your own pace.

How Much Does Hello Divorce Cost?

Costs vary depending on what level of service you need.

A starter membership is free.

You do not pay unless you sign up for one of Hello Divorce’s premium memberships, or purchase an a la carte legal service.

Here are the various Hello Divorce membership levels:

hello divorce plans

DIY Divorce

For a flat fee of only $99 (or 6 payments of $20), you’ll get access to industry-leading software to complete all your divorce forms. The DIY Divorce plan is best for simple uncontested divorces, in which you are willing to serve documents and file them on your own.

Hello Divorce’s Divorce Navigator guides users through each step of divorce and provides step-by-step instructions for the procedural aspects.


For a $1,500 flat fee (or 6 payments of $275), this plan is for one spouse and includes everything in DIY Divorce offers, plus Hello Divorce will handle all the procedural aspects as well.

The site’s trained and experienced divorce legal document assistants will coordinate delivery of documents with a user’s spouse, file and process all of the required divorce documents which means you’ll stay out of court.


This plan turns everything over to a legal document assistant who will handle the entire divorce for you and your spouse from start to finish.

You can choose to pay a single $2,500 flat fee – or 6 payments of $500 per month.


The Cooperative plan includes everything in the Plus plan and 5 hours of mediation.

If you and your spouse are committed to staying out of court but still need help negotiating an agreement, this plan is a great option.

The cost is a $3,800 flat fee with financing options available.

Keep in mind, Hello Divorce is only available in California, Colorado, Texas and Utah.

For divorce in any other State, we recommend 3stepDivorce.

The bottom line is that Hello Divorce can end up saving you thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Hello Divorce Reviews

Hello Divorce has been featured and reviewed extensively in the following outlets:

hello divorce media mentions

Because it is fairly new, and only available in California, Colorado and Utah, there are limited individual reviews available.

Here are some of the things that users have said:

hello divorce review

Although there is no current listing for Hello Divorce on the BBB website, they do have a Yelp page with positive reviews.

hello divorce reviews

Pros and Cons of Hello Divorce

  • Free 15-minute expert strategy session
  • Various levels of services
  • Customized your experience
  • Free library of DIY resources
  • Unbundled legal services
  • Monthly or flat fee rates available
  • Cancel anytime
  • Access to a large divorce attorney network
  • ONLY available in select states (CA, CO, TX, UT)
  • The full-service option is quite expensive compared to other online divorce services
  • State filing fees are an additional cost (common in most DIY online divorce)

hello divorce online divorce

Who Should Use Hello Divorce?

First, you cannot use HelloDivorce unless you are located in California, Colorado, Texas, or Utah.

If you find yourself outside of the reach of HelloDivorce, we recommend checking out 3StepDivorce – the #1 nationwide DIY service.

But if you’re in one of the states that Hello Divorce operates, then you’re in luck, because they definitely check ALL the boxes.

However, unlike other online divorce services, Hello Divorce can help with any facet of the divorce process except litigated in court (which represents only 5% of all divorce cases).

In fact, Hello Divorce has helped people with paystubs all the way up to those with $20M in assets.

If you still have important and unresolved legal issues, you should strongly consider retaining an attorney to protect your interests.

Unlike other services, Hello Divorce allows you to customize exactly what you need, making this a more desirable option for most people.

Cost and time savings are another valid reason to engage with Hello Divorce.

With Hello Divorce, you can achieve a divorce settlement for a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional divorce.

Hello Divorce FAQs

Is Hello Divorce designed for couples?

No. Although both partners can sign up, the process is designed for individuals. Couples are still encouraged to work cooperatively to resolve any outstanding issues.

My spouse and I haven’t agreed on divorce terms yet. Can I still use Hello Divorce?

Yes. Every divorce is different, and in many cases, couples begin the divorce process before they’ve even discussed or agreed to settlement terms such as alimony, child support, or how to divide retirement accounts.

How do I know which level of Hello Divorce membership to purchase?

If you’re not sure which one is right for you, this article explains which membership would be ideal depending on the type of divorce.

What is the Divorce Navigator?

This is Hello Divorce’s proprietary software that walks you through each step of the divorce form process.

To prepare the forms, you’ll respond to simple, written questions in a guided online interview. When you’ve completed it, your forms will be instantly populated.

If you are a DIY member, the “Divorce Navigator” guides you through filing and serving each form with clear instructions and an interactive checklist. If you want Hello Divorce to file and serve the forms for you, upgrade your membership.

What is a legal document assistant and why should I use one if I’m getting a divorce in California?

For Californians, a legal document assistant is your tour guide through divorce. Trained individuals provide helpful information and prepare and process all documents required for a divorce. LDA’s are accessible through Hello Divorce’s DIY Pro, Divorce Plus and Divorce with Benefits membership levels.

Please note, LDA’s are not lawyers and cannot give legal advice.

Can I also get legal advice?

If you need or want legal advice, you can access Hello Divorce’s network of experienced lawyers at this link.

Can coaching and consulting be done by phone?

All consulting, coaching and mediation services can be done by telephone or online video conferencing. You book online and choose from day and evening options at times that are convenient for you.

How do I contact Hello Divorce if I have questions?

Call 800-494-9133 or send an email to hello@hellodivorce.com

How quickly will I get my forms?

After you complete your interview questions and pay for your purchase, your forms are instantly available for download.

Forms can also be mailed to you for an additional cost.

Final Thoughts on Hello Divorce

Despite the fact that Hello Divorce is relatively new, and only available in four states, there is a lot to be excited about.

From the free 15-minute strategy call, to the ability to customize your experience via a la carte options, Hello Divorce checks all the boxes.

Hello Divorce has a lot going for it and is a great choice if you’re getting a divorce in California, Colorado, Texas or Utah. Get started with Hello Divorce now.

For those located in another state, check out 3StepDivorce here.

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