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Divorce is stressful and overwhelming. Not only are you ending your marriage, but you also have to figure out how to divide your assets, calculate alimony and child support, and come up with a parenting plan.

Whether you want the divorce or not, this is no easy feat. It takes hard work to get through a divorce.

We believe you deserve support through every stage of the process – whether you’re contemplating divorce, in the process, or attempting to move forward to the next chapter.

Our mission is to provide empathetic guidance, expert tips, and helpful tools and resources to help you navigate this difficult transition — no matter where you are in the process.

If it’s your first time here, we know all of the information can be overwhelming. So, we created this page – with some of our very best resources – to help you get started.

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Here’s a shortlist of the very best resources we use and recommend for a faster and easier divorce.

3 Step Divorce

If you have an amicable, simple divorce, consider online divorce. 3 Step Divorce is the absolute best platform for a do-it-yourself online divorce. Great customer reviews, A rating with the BBB, $299 flat fee with flexible payment options and an extensive resource library. Plus it’s easy to use and you can complete all your forms in under an hour. These are just a few of the reasons why we recommend 3 Step Divorce.

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If you (or your kids) are struggling emotionally, online therapy can be an affordable, convenient option to get the support you need. BetterHelp lets you choose from thousands of licensed therapists for unlimited chat, phone or video counseling starting at $40 per week. Get started and save 10% here >>.

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S.L.A.Y Your Negotiation with a Narcissist Course

If you’re dealing with a narcissist, then do yourself a favor and get this course! Top 1% divorce attorney, Rebecca Zung’s 4-hour crash course S.L.A.Y. Your Negotiation with a Narcissist is your step-by-step blueprint to regaining power and control. If you have kids, you’ll be negotiating with your narcissist ex for years to come. If you couldn’t tell, we’re all in on this. And they offer an exclusive discount to our community. Enter SURVIVE200 at checkout.

Try Slay Your Negotiation

QDRO Counsel

QDRO Counsel is our #1 recommended online QDRO service because it was created by nationally recognized QDRO experts.

If you need to divide retirement or pensions, then look no further than QDRO Counsel. The QDRO process can be a real hassle. QDRO attorneys are expensive and other online platforms will leave you scratching your head. Thankfully, there’s a faster, easier, and cheaper way – use QDRO Counsel. Their platform enables you to divide your retirement, value pensions, and more. And they offer an exclusive discount for the Survive Divorce community. Just enter promo code: SURVIVE20.

Try QDRO Counsel

Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard is best co-parenting app bar none.

If you and your ex aren’t on good terms, a co-parenting app is worth its weight in gold. Many, many companies have tried to get co-parenting apps right. Our Family Wizard did. Coordinating kids’ calendars and managing expenses is easy breezy with Our Family Wizard. And it keeps a record of all communications so you’ll be prepared if things go sideways.

Try Our Family Wizard

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is the gold standard when it comes to tracking your finances.

If your spouse was responsible for managing your finances, Personal Capital is here to save the day. Just link your accounts (bank accounts, investments, retirement) and Personal Capital will do the rest. It makes tracking your net worth and spending effortless. Say hello to a crystal clear view of your finances with none of the work. The best part is it’s FREE.

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Step 3: Get Educated

Knowledge is power. You owe it to yourself to get educated so you’re empowered to move forward with confidence.

Let us answer your questions by way of our guides and articles…

Preparing for Divorce

Whether you’re contemplating divorce or divorce proceedings are underway, here are our top resources to help you prepare for divorce.

Answers to Frequently Asked Divorce Questions

Top Resources on Parenting and Kids

Our Top Resources on Divorce Finances

Divorce Process

Divorce Options

Top Resources for Healing from Divorce and Moving Forward

High Conflict Divorce

Facing a high conflict divorce? Perhaps your spouse has a personality disorder, struggles with substance abuse, or there’s a history of domestic violence. Buckle up and prepare for a marathon. Check out our guides to learn ways to ease the divorce process.

Divorcing a Narcissist

Gray Divorce

Blended Families

Find State-Specific Guides and Resources for YOUR State

The legal system is complicated and confusing. And every state has it’s own laws, rules and regulations that you need to understand. Click the link below to find state-specific guides and resources for your state.

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