MyDivorcePapers Review: Is this online divorce service right for you?

MyDivorcePapers Review

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2.0 Poor

MyDivorcePapers was started in 2002 and has over 1.2 million customers. You can complete the questions and paperwork in about an hour. Forms are delivered to you online, or you can have them mailed to you.

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Using an online divorce service can be a great way to save time and money. With no shortage of online divorce platforms to choose from, how do you decide which one is right for you?

In this guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know about – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

If you’re considering using this divorce form preparation service, you owe it to yourself to do some research before pulling the trigger.

Spoiler Alert: MyDivorcePapers is one of the cheapest online divorce services on the market. But you get what you pay for. The parent company has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau as a result of so many customer complaints. 3StepDivorce is my top choice. Read my 3StepDivorce review here, or check out 3StepDivorce now

If I haven’t scared you away by now, here’s what you should know about

Table of Contents:
  1. How MyDivorcePapers Works
  2. How Much Does it Cost?
  3. MyDivorcePapers Reviews
  4. Pros and Cons
  5. Who Should Use MyDivorcePapers?
  6. What is the Best Online Divorce Service?
  7. MyDivorcePapers FAQ
  8. Final Thoughts

How MyDivorcePapers Works is an online service that helps you complete the required divorce forms. The site has helped more than 1.2 million customers since launching in 2002.

The site claims that you can complete the process in one hour, but I wouldn’t count on it unless you have an extremely simple situation.

Registration is free when you create an account. You aren’t charged until near the end of the process.

Screen Shot 2020 09 24 at 3.11.17 PM

After you create an account, you’ll need to identify which state you want to get a divorce in so that you can complete the appropriate forms. You also have the option of filing paperwork for a legal separation or an annulment if permitted in your state. Not all states allow these legal actions, so check on your state’s laws before moving forward.

Like all online divorce services, MyDivorcePapers is best for an uncontested divorce. The process is much smoother if you have already worked out things like a division of assets, child custody and support, and other related issues ahead of time. However, if you have unresolved issues, you can still use MyDivorcePapers. Additional support and consultations with divorce attorneys are available if needed.

Also, be prepared to answer questions regarding your finances (assets, debts, income, employment, etc.), current living arrangements, and how soon you want to file for divorce.

As more information becomes available, you have the option of changing your answers before you submit the answers to MyDivorcePapers.

The forms are filled out in real-time, and after payment for the service, the forms are delivered to you online, or you can have them mailed to you.

At this point, you will file the paperwork with the appropriate courthouse and then have the papers served on your spouse, which the site explains in great detail. You can also pay an extra fee to have the documents filed and served on your behalf.

How Much Does MyDivorcePapers Cost?

MyDivorcePapers offers a standard package of services including document preparation, assistance with calculating support and alimony, live chat and telephone support, instant access to completed forms, and more for $139. This appears to be a discount from the standard price of $159, so the price may change without notice.

You can call their office at 1-800-604-2860 and pay over the phone or pay online.

The site accepts all major credit cards and checks as payment for services and offers a 100% money-back guarantee that their service will complete and deliver the right documents to you.

If you charge your purchase, you will see MYDIVORCEPAPERS.COM. listed as the charging company on your billing statement.

MyDivorcePapers Reviews

Because it has been around for a long time, MyDivorcePapers has been reviewed extensively.

Every company has its share of critics, and MyDivorcePapers is no exception. Overall, the reviews are fairly mixed.

We found far too many reviews like this one to be able to recommend this service.

My Divorce Papers

Another red flag is that the parent company, Divorce Place, has an F rating by the BBB. Enough said.

Pros and Cons of MyDivorcePapers


  • Forms are filled out for you based on the answers you provide. The process is highly intuitive.
  • Works best with an uncontested divorce. If you have complicated financial, custody, or other issues, you should probably consult with an attorney instead of simply completing paperwork online.
  • You have access to make free and unlimited revisions to your forms for two years.
  • You are assigned an account manager to help walk you through all the steps and answer any questions along the way. Free online support is also available 24/7.
  • Under the right circumstances, MyDivorcePapers is clean and fast. Unless there are unresolved issues, many customers complete the questions and paperwork in about an hour.
  • The site has an overview of laws and processes state-by-state to help you navigate the unique complexities of the regulations governing your divorce.
  • Access to an extensive library of resources about divorce.
  • The site offers a 100% refund guarantee if a court does not accept your papers when you file them.
  • Several optional services are also offered, ranging from assistance with creating or changing a living will or advanced healthcare directive, revocation of power of attorneys, quitclaim deed preparation, and more.


  • Although you can still use the service for contested divorces, it may not be optimal if you have important issues that still need to be worked out as part of your divorce.
  • MyDivorcePapers does not provide legal advice, counsel, or representation to viewers of the site, its customers, purchasers, or any other persons or entities under any circumstances. cannot and does not advise any person or entity as to their rights, remedies, or obligations under the laws of any State.
  • The site does not advise any person or entity on representing themselves or testifying in court. No attorney-client relationship results from the purchase of forms or pleadings from MyDivorcePapers.
  • You will still need to file your paperwork at the courthouse and pay a filing fee, plus other possible costs. (Note: The site does offer an optional service of filing forms at courthouses on your behalf).
  • Some people are fine with using online services, but other people require more hand-holding and a personal touch when completing these kinds of documents.
  • While the site itself has a Better Business Bureau rating of A, the parent company, Divorce Place, has a BBB rating of F.
  • Every divorce is different, and while MyDivorcePapers does streamline the process for many customers, several individual factors can significantly impact how smooth your divorce will be. Where you live, whether or not your divorce is contested, child custody and alimony issues, dividing assets, and other hot button issues can drag out divorce for months after initial paperwork is filed.

Who Should Use MyDivorcePapers?

MyDivorcePapers works best for an uncontested divorce. If you and your spouse can’t come to any agreements (contested divorce), the reality is an online divorce service is simply not going to be the right fit.

For an uncontested divorce, MyDivorcePapers isn’t the worst option out there…but it’s certainly not the best either.

What is the Best Online Divorce Service?

So, what’s my top pick? Enter: 3StepDivorce. Here’s why I recommend 3stepdivorce over MyDivorcePapers.

  • The questions are straightforward and easy to navigate
  • The forms are easy to access and print and you can make changes at any time
  • Great value and easy to use interface
  • Helpful guide and resources
  • FREE divorce negotiation platform to help you get to agreement with your spouse

Just check out their reviews on Trustpilot.

3 Step Divorce

Perhaps most importantly, 92% of all reviews are 4-star or 5-star reviews.

MyDivorcePapers FAQ

How quickly will I get my forms?

After you complete your interview questions and pay for your purchase, your forms are instantly available for download.

All forms can be downloaded in PDF format only so that you will need a free Adobe Reader download from Adobe Systems.

Forms are accessible with your login and password. If you can’t download Adobe Reader on your computer, go to the site from a different computer with Adobe Reader and print them there.

Forms can also be mailed to you for an additional cost.

What if I need ongoing assistance?

MyDivorcePapers offers extended subscription access for continued service, changes, and unlimited divorce document storage and access to thousands of useful legal forms for only $24.84/month.

What are the optional services offered at an additional cost by MyDivorcePapers?

  • Serve divorce paperwork on your spouse
  • File Forms at the courthouse
  • Attempt to obtain a court cost Fee Waiver
  • Complete Pet Custody Agreement
  • Revocation of any Power of Attorneys
  • Revocation of an existing Healthcare Directive
  • Living Will / Advanced Healthcare Directive
  • Quitclaim Deed for all Real Estate needs
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)
  • USPS or Federal Express Overnight Shipping

Does MyDivorcePapers offer a guarantee?

Yes, and here it is.

Screen Shot 2020 09 24 at 3.14.48 PM

What is the company’s refund policy?

From the company’s website, the refund policy, in part, reads:

Please note that once the online interview has been completed services have been rendered, we are unable to process any refunds whatsoever on accounts created over 30 days. Refund requests are individually investigated and approved or denied on a case-by-case basis. Please give our team 3-10 business days to process any claims.

If a refund has been processed, our systems will take up to 14 business days to process any claims. Please be advised that your bank may take an additional 24/72 hours for your refund to appear. Our systems are only able to process refunds on the cards originally charged.

MDP is unable to process a refund under any of the following conditions:

  • If the Customer changes their minds about the services and does not want to continue using services provided by MDP.
  • If the Customer discovers their spouse has already separately filed for Divorce/Annulment/Legal Separation.
  • The Customer has obtained counsel from a friend or other source to not continue using services provided by MDP.
  • The Customer has obtained counsel from an attorney or other legal counsel to not continue using services provided by MDP.
  • The Customer found a competitor with a different price.
  • The courts denied the provided documents, and the Customer is unable or unwilling to provide a rejection letter.
  • If the Customer’s court case with spouse becomes contested and requires legal aid. MDP only provides services for non-contested divorces, annulments, or legal separations.

To see the full refund policy, go here.

What are the hours for telephone support?

You can call their office at 1-800-604-2860 Monday – Friday between the hours of 7 am – 4 pm PST. They are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and all major holidays. You can also send an email to

In addition to Facebook, users can also follow MyDivorcePapers on Twitter and Instagram.

Can I use MyDivorcePapers for a contested divorce as well?

Yes, but it may not be in your best interests in a lot of cases. While you can save a considerable amount of time, money, and heartaches with an uncontested divorce, sometimes spouses are simply going to disagree on important points. While MyDivorcePapers can assist in working through some of these issues, it might be in your best interest to retain an attorney to ensure the best possible outcome for your particular situation.

Final Thoughts

If you and your spouse can reach agreements on your own, then using an online divorce service can be a great option to consider.

3StepDivorce is my top recommendation. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • easy to use
  • 24/7 customer support
  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • Great customer reviews
  • Extensive tools for negotiating an agreement with your spouse
  • Reasonably priced at $299 (that’s about equal to the cost of one measly hour with a lawyer)

Get started with 3StepDivorce now.

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