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The Bottom Line

3.5 Average

This is similar to many other services, with an easy-to-use interface and an intuitive interview process. In as little as a half-hour, you can complete the online interview with the information needed for DivorceWriter to complete your forms.

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DIY online divorce comes in all shapes and sizes, depending on the path (or company) you choose to use.

With some online divorce companies, the process can be short and efficient. With others, it can drag on and only add to your frustration.

The online divorce process is cheap and can save you thousands. Meanwhile, some companies aim to charge you an arm and a leg.

If there’s one thing, we know for sure about Divorce Writer – they don’t want cost to be an issue.

And as one of the cheapest DIY options on the market, they are certainly a name to consider. But does the discounted cost come with a discounted level of service?

Not exactly, but there are better options available.

Spoiler Alert: After extensive testing, I recommend 3StepDivorce as the best online divorce platform. You can read the full review here – or go to 3StepDivorce now to get started for only $84.

In this guide, I’ll share a detailed review of everything you need to know about DivorceWriter. Let’s get started.

Table of Contents:
  1. What is DivorceWriter?
  2. How DivorceWriter Works
  3. How Much Does DivorceWriter Cost?
  4. DivorceWriter Reviews
  5. DivorceWriter Pros and Cons
  6. Who Should Use DivorceWriter?
  7. What is the Best Online Divorce Service?
  8. DivorceWriter FAQs
  9. The Final Verdict

What is DivorceWriter?

DivorceWriter’s primary service – like all the others – is document preparation. They want to help you get from Point A to Point B with minimal effort – and no worry.

Although the service does not act as your attorney (hence DIY), it simplifies your paperwork while giving you clear and concise instructions on how to submit paperwork to the court when you’re done.

The service helps you complete all the required legal forms online, including:

You also have access to make free and unlimited revisions to your legal forms for two years.

DivorceWriter also owns TotalLegal.com. – one of their sister sites, that helps you manage all your family legal needs. They provide access to custom legal documents and offering free and discounted services from attorneys.

How Does DivorceWriter Work?

DivorceWriter uses a three-step process to help you complete your online divorce forms:

Step 1: Determine if you qualify for an online divorce (uncontested divorce).


Step 2: Complete the online interview. You’ll answer a series of questions and DivorceWriter will complete the required forms for the state where your divorce is being filed.

Step 3: Download and print the online divorce forms – or have DivorceWriter print out the completed forms and state-specific filing instructions.

If DivorceWriter prints the online divorce forms, they will be mailed to you so that you can take them to the courthouse for filing

DivorceWriter currently supports these states

AlaskaIllinoisMontanaRhode Island
ArizonaIndianaNebraskaSouth Carolina
ArkansasIowaNevadaSouth Dakota
CaliforniaKansasNew HampshireTennessee
ColoradoKentuckyNew JerseyTexas
ConnecticutLouisianaNew MexicoUtah
DelawareMaineNew YorkVermont
Washington DCMarylandNorth CarolinaVirginia
FloridaMassachusettsNorth DakotaWashington
GeorgiaMichiganOhioWest Virginia

How Much Does DivorceWriter Cost?

DivorceWriter has a 2-tiered payment option. The question is whether you have children or not.

Regular Pricing:

$299 – Divorce w/ children

$199 – Divorce w/0 children

However, they currently have a “Special” Offer – $137 flat for the service, whether kids are involved or not.

DivorceWriter is committed to having the lowest price on the market and backs that with a policy of refunding the difference if you see another product priced lower.

Cost is where DivorceWriter really shines. As the lowest-priced offering on the market, you really can’t beat the cost.

There is also a 100% money-back guarantee if your divorce forms are not accepted when you file them.

If you’re on a shoestring budget, DivorceWriter isn’t a bad choice, and may work in lieu of a divorce attorney.

DivorceWriter Reviews

DivorceWriter solicits feedback on its website and has received high marks from several users.

Currently, there are about 1,700 posts in the Review section, and the service has averaged 4.5 out of 5 stars from verified reviewers, which you would expect on the company’s own website.

Most reviews cite the ease and speed of the service.

Other users mentioned that it was a good value and affordable with prompt customer service.

divorcewriter reviews

When conducting our DivorceWriter review, we found that they have 4.4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. Here is a recent DivorceWriter review:

Divorce Writer

DivorceWriter also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

DivorceWriter Pros and Cons

Some things we really appreciate about DivorceWriter are:

  • Cheapest option available
  • Easy to use website
  • Next Day shipping for completed divorce forms, or option to print from home
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Guarantee of court acceptance
  • Free two-year revision period

But it also has some limitations, too:

  • Not a law firm, limited attorney support
  • Filing fees paid separately
  • Some outdated resources on the site
  • Customer service can be a little slow

Keep in mind that these limitations are things you should expect from any online divorce service.

DivorceWriter doesn’t pretend to act as your lawyer. That’s not their role.

Rather, you can use their service to complete the required court forms and legal paperwork, for minimal cost.

Who Should Use DivorceWriter?

Using an online divorce service has several advantages, but it’s not for everyone.

If you have a contested divorce where you and your spouse can’t seem to agree on how to divide property and share parenting time, then this simply isn’t a good fit.

If you have an uncontested divorce and a relatively simple situation, then DivorceWriter may be a good option to consider.

It can also be an attractive option when you need flexibility with your time and schedule.

Because DivorceWriter (and many others) offer instant printing of your completed forms at home, this can also be the quickest way to jumpstart your divorce.

The key is to make sure that you follow instructions properly and that you do the research you need to feel comfortable using this method.

Also, if you enter into an uncontested divorce, but disagreements pop up along the way, you may need to get support from professionals to help facilitate agreement on the sticking points.

What is the Best Online Divorce Service?

DivorceWriter is highly rated and one of our top choices for online divorce. In fact, it’s my top “budget” pick (if you’re on a shoestring budget). But now is not the time to be penny wise and pound foolish. DivorceWriter falls short of my top pick. Enter: 3StepDivorce. Here’s why I recommend 3stepdivorce over DivorceWriter.

  • The questions are straightforward and easy to navigate
  • The forms are easy to access and print and you can make changes at any time
  • Great value and easy to use interface
  • Helpful guide and resources
  • FREE divorce negotiation platform to help you reach an agreement with your spouse

Just check out their reviews on Trustpilot.

3 Step Divorce

As you can see, 92% of all reviews are 4-star or 5-star reviews and only 2% 1-star reviews. Compare that to DivorceWriter which has 84% 4-star or 5-star reviews and 9% 1-star reviews.

The divorce negotiation platform on 3StepDivorce is a huge plus. I’ve seen far too many times where it seemed like there was an agreement, but things went sideways.

Couple that with a better interface and more helpful resources – and it’s easy to see why I believe 3StepDivorce provides more than enough value to justify the slightly higher price point ($299 vs $137). 3StepDivorce also offers 4 payment options in case you want to spread out the cost over a period of time. You can get started with 3StepDivorce here.

Do yourself a favor and avoid these DIY divorce services:

DivorceWriter FAQs

What happens after I receive my DivorceWriter documents?

Just follow the step-by-step instructions included in the Divorce Writer review above, and on their website, which provides detailed information on signing your documents,

I received my document package today, but I’m not sure I want to file for divorce right away. How long are these papers good for?

Unsigned divorce documents do not have an expiration date per se. Applicable time periods begin to run on signed documents once the divorce is filed.

However, it is possible that changes in the law could occur at some point that might affect one or more documents or divorce filing procedures.

Will DivorceWriter documents work in my state and/or in my situation?

DivorceWriter provides self-help divorce documents and instructions. DivorceWriter is not a law firm and only lawyers are allowed to issue an opinion regarding the legality of a document and its applicability to your specific circumstances.

If you have any doubts as to the applicability of your DivorceWriter purchase to your situation, you may wish to seek the advice of a lawyer licensed to practice law in your jurisdiction. DivorceWriter offers a full refund if your documents are not accepted by the Court.

My spouse is currently incarcerated. Can we still use an online service?

Yes, as long as your spouse is capable of receiving documents and signing them in front of a Notary Public if required in your state, you can use an online service.

What if I need additional documents that were not included in my DivorceWriter package?

Contact customer service at info@divorcewriter.com with the name or form number of the document(s) you need. Supplemental documents may be available that can be emailed to you for immediate printing.

Does DivorceWriter provide documents for annulments?

No. DivorceWriter does not currently provide documents for annulments.

Can I just notarize one copy of my document, and then make copies of the page with the original signature?

Yes. Since notaries charge a per document fee, you will save money by having one document notarized and making photocopies of it.

I need a form that is not available online or in the DivorceWriter’s supplemental forms database. How can I find a sample form elsewhere?

Divorce documents are public record, so it is usually possible to obtain a copy of one or more document(s) from other divorce files to use as sample forms by making a request in person or by mail at the office where your divorce was filed.

We were married in a foreign country. Can we divorce in the U.S.?

As long as you meet the residency requirements for filing for divorce in the state where you want to file, it should not matter that you were married outside of the U.S

Do I have to divorce in the state where I was married?

No. You can divorce in any state where you or your spouse meet the divorce residency requirements.

How do I get in contact with DivorceWriter?



12835 NE Bel-Red Rd, Suite 123

Bellevue, WA 98005

E-mail: info@DivorceWriter.com

Phone: 800 928-7713 (8 am-4 pm PDT M-F)

The Final Verdict

DivorceWriter has everything you need to help you complete your divorce forms and file them with the court. If you have an uncontested divorce, you’ll save a lot of money with a DIY online divorce versus litigation or other options.

But my top recommendation is still 3StepDivorce for all the reasons I’ve mentioned above. Get started with 3StepDivorce now.

Check out our full review of 3StepDivorce here.

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