What are the best resources to help you have a faster, easier and cheaper divorce?

We recognize that this is likely your first divorce. You don’t have the benefit of experience.

That’s why we have worked tirelessly to answer that very question. We’ve tested dozens and dozens of tools and resources. Most are okay. Some suck. But a few really stand out.

Here are the chosen few. The ones we’re proud to recommend because we know – based on our deep experience – that they can really help you get through divorce and transition to the next chapter.

If you’re looking for category-specific resources (e.g., courts, bar associations), click here.

Recommended Tools and Resources



Over 3 Million people joined the world’s largest online counseling service. 100% online. 

Divorce can really take a toll emotionally. Online therapy can be a great way to get the support you need. BetterHelp matches you with a licensed therapist that fits your needs and preferences. Choose video, phone, or live chat sessions with your therapist. You also get unlimited messaging, access to group sessions, webinars, and more! Starting at $60/week. The Survive Divorce community gets 20% off here >>

SLAY Your Negotiation


Divorcing a narcissist? This course is your blueprint for regaining power and control. 

Top 1% divorce attorney, Rebecca Zung’s 4-hour crash course S.L.A.Y. Your Negotiation with a Narcissist will arm you with the tools to take control of your negotiations with a narcissist. If you have kids, you’ll be dealing with your narcissist ex for years to come. If you couldn’t tell, we’re all in on this. And they offer an exclusive discount to our community. Enter SURVIVE200 at checkout.

3 Step Divorce


The best, most affordable platform for a do-it-yourself online divorce.

If you have a relatively simple divorce, do yourself a favor and check out 3 Step Divorce. It makes completing your divorce forms super fast and easy. Just answer the questions at your own pace and your completed documents are instantly available. It can save you $1,000’s.

Cash for Diamonds USA


Your go-to choice to sell your engagement ring and jewelry for top dollar. 

They make the process quick and easy. Simply send in your items (free shipping) and one of their certified technicians will appraise your items and send you an offer within 24 hours. Most importantly, Cash for Diamonds USA offers the best pricing without the hassle of running around to local diamond buyers that low ball you. They’ll also buy your gold and silver.



The go-to dating site for building meaningful connections. 

If you’ve been nervous about online dating, eHarmony is the one place where you’re almost guaranteed to find good intentions. There are a lot of casual dating sites geared towards finding someone to hook up with. eHarmony is different. It’s designed for cultivating long-term relationships by identifying compatible matches.

QDRO Counsel


Backed by nationally recognized experts, this is our top recommendation for online QDRO preparation.

If you need to divide retirement or pensions, then look no further than QDRO Counsel. The QDRO process can be a real hassle. QDRO attorneys are expensive and other online platforms will leave you scratching your head. Thankfully, there’s a faster, easier, and cheaper way – use QDRO Counsel. Their platform enables you to divide your retirement, value pensions, and more. And they offer an exclusive discount for the Survive Divorce community. Just enter code: SURVIVE20.

Our Family Wizard


Our Family Wizard is best co-parenting app bar none.

If you and your ex aren’t on good terms, a co-parenting app is worth its weight in gold. Many, many companies have tried to get co-parenting apps right. Our Family Wizard did. Coordinating kids’ calendars and managing expenses is easy breezy with Our Family Wizard. And it keeps a record of all communications so you’ll be prepared if things go sideways.

Easy Name Change


Changing your name can be a real pain in the rear. Thankfully, Easy Name Change is here to save the day.

Instead of spending 8+ hours drowning in paperwork, you can get everything done in the time it takes to make dinner. Changing your name is almost effortless with their name change kits.

Personal Capital


Personal Capital is the gold standard when it comes to tracking your finances.

If your spouse was responsible for managing your finances, Personal Capital is here to save the day. Just link your accounts (bank accounts, investments, retirement) and Personal Capital will do the rest. It makes tracking your net worth and spending effortless. Say hello to a crystal clear view of your finances with none of the work. The best part is it’s FREE.

Divorce Resources by Region

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Financial Planning in Divorce

Co-Parenting & Communication

Apps & Tools That Can Help:

Our Family Wizard. Schedules and calendars, expense tracking and other co-parenting tools. Subscription required.

Google Calendar. Shared calendar. Free.

Cozi. Calendar with family journal and to-do lists. Free or subscription upgrade.

CustodyJunction.com. Scheduling, activity, parenting-time and support tracking. Subscription required.

2Houses. Calendar, expense tracking, information bank and family journal with photo albums. Subscription required.

Kidganizer. Calendar and expense management. Subscription required, iOS only.

Coparently. Calendar, communication, expense management and shared contact directory. Subscription required.

Parents.com. Advice for Coping with Separation or Divorce.

American Psychological Association – Healthy Divorce

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